FireDrake Wrought Iron

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  FireDrake Craftsmanship

Each wrought iron piece is made from start to finish by one craftsman.  Nothing is mass produced on an assembly line.  By fabricating pieces in this manner we hope to insure the best quality and instill pride in workmanship.

The Processes:

Twisting the Steel

On the right we are heating the square bar steel red hot in our furnace so we can twist it like butter.

To the left the red hot steel is being inserted into the twisting device.
To the right the twist procedure is about to begin.


At the left the craftsman can be seen actually twisting the bar stock. He is rotating the material 360 degrees in this instance, but also rotates the other end of the square stock 180 degrees in a second operation. Notice the square bars being heated in the furnace.


To the right can be seen a finished 360 degree twist.

Seconds later the steel cools, hardens, and regains original color.

Hammering the Scrolls and Making the Rosebud

To the left are some finished center pieces to the small table lamps along with pieces that have the ends flared, but have to be bent into scrolls.
To the right the ends of the center pieces are being slit when red hot to form a sort of rosebud for decorative purposes.

To the left can be seen some of the band iron being heated in order to flare out the ends.


Here a piece of band iron is being flared out. Once one end is flared out it must cool and then the other end is heated red hot and flared out.


Bending of the scrolls and other processes are not shown for proprietary reasons.

A glowing iron collar being formed around two scrolls and the leg of a table.
A rivet being hot formed on a table lamp with a rivet set.

To the left can be seen the bottom of the lamp where the rosebud is located with scrolls surrounding.
This is a view of the top of the table lamp looking up from the bottom.

To the left is a picture of the lamp from the top looking down at an angle showing the flared ends of the scrolls along with the collar and 360 degree twist.
 A closer view of the texture in the flared ends of the scrolls caused from hammering the ends while red-hot.

To the left is the finished medium table lamp before fitting the electrics.
To the right is a closer photo of the base of the lamp depicting the interesting space created by the intersection of the scrolls with the center square twisted core of the lamp.

A closer view to the left of the bottom of the small table lamp. The finish on this prototype is plated black zinc which is not going to be offered for sale since it is not as flat of a black as the baked powdered coated ones.