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Powder-Coat Finish Options

Powder-Coating is an incredibly durable, long lasting coating mainly used on car & bike frames exposed to abusive environments.  The metal piece is negatively charged and the positive powder is sprayed at the metal.  The powder coats evenly due to the negative and positive charges canceling one another out.  This charge canceling concept helps the powder get in the nooks and crannies where normal paint would have a hard time reaching without running.  Then the metal piece is placed in an oven/kiln where the powder is baked on for a duration.  Baking the powder on the metal makes it very hard, even for a hammer to chip. 


Bronze Hammertone Semi-Gloss

Copper Vein Semi-Gloss

Gold Vein Semi-Gloss

Silver Vein Semi-Gloss Antique White Vein Semi-Gloss Green Hammer tone Semi-Gloss
            Black Matte Finish White Matte Finish

Table Top Material Choices

We can provide most materials desired for our products to make it convenient of course. Yet, we recommend purchasing the table tops yourself at a local retailer since natural stone patterns and grains vary and are very expensive to ship due to their weight.  Glass is fragile.  This way you can pick the exact stone for your table and save money on shipping.  Please refer to our local vendors below!
Natural Stone
Granite, Marble, Soup Stone, Quartz  ($70-$90/sq.ft.)
We can purchase most any wood for you and make your table top.
Our stock wood is Maple and Oak. ($10-$15/sq.ft.)
1/2" Thick Tempered Glass with Polished Edges ($50.00/sq.ft.)
3/4" Thick Tempered Glass with Polished Edges ($75.00/sq.ft.)

Roma Tile

busch products inc.

Vallar Tile