FireDrake Wrought Iron

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Model: Triumph Corner End Table
Material Dimensions:  3/4" sq. stock, 3/4" x 3/16" flat stock
Table Base Dimensions: 23 1/2" L x 23 1/2" W x 20 1/2" T
Table Top Dimensions:   26" x 26" x 1 1/4" thick
Weight: 54lbs (without top)

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Above: Front view of an unfinished Triumph Corner End Table. 

Below: A corner view of the Triumph Corner End Table.

This table can be customized to create the look that you want.  Here the table is shown with four scrolls around the bottom feet.  The tables shown here have yet to be powder coated and without any top.  Chose from a variety of different colors of granite, glass, and a range of different wood tops to create the look you want!