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Model:  L Frame Coffee Table
Material Dimensions:  3/4" sq. stock, 3/4" x 3/16" flat stock
Base Dimensions:  38" L x 16" W x 18" H
 Table Base Weight:  32 lbs (top not included)
Granite Dimensions:  18" Wide x 42-48" Long, 1 1/4" thick
Granite Top Weight:  100 lbs.
Weight Capacity:  450+ lbs.

For more information and pricing, please contact us.

To the Right: "L" Frame Coffee Table with a Copper Vein finish and Red Vesuvio Granite Top

Universal is the word that best describes this base!

The top on this table can be almost any length making it the best buy for the money.  By moving the 2 "L" Frames in and out you can customize the table to fit your living room or couch perfectly.

 The legs are 3/4" solid steel bar with two twists placed nicely down their length.  The scrolls form a heart on each side of the table. Each scroll is hand welded to the 3/2" bar and then a steel collar is molded around each junction giving additional strength.

We customize our products. Please email us your special request.

To the Right: Standard Square Table with White finish and Emperador Chocolate Marble Top

To the left we show the "L" Frame Coffee Table finished in Antique Green with an Empress Green Marble Top
To the right we show the "L" Frame Coffee Table with a Walnut Wood Top.

To the left we have a round coffee table made from four L Frames.