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Build Your Own Custom Furniture

Create your own tables and Chairs!

      Customize your own furniture by selecting the arrangement of scrolls located on the legs to create the look that you want.   To do this you can choose to have four scrolls, two scrolls, or remove the scrolls altogether.  The direction that the two scrolls face can make your table or chair one of a kind just by turning them inward or keeping them facing out.  Personalize the square stock by removing a twist or all of the twists to satisfy your own taste. 

Above: A chair is shown without any twists or scrolls along the bottom.

Please email us with your special request.

Left: A table is shown with the bottom scrolls facing inward.  Below: A table is shown with the scrolls facing out on the bottom.


Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect table with the right height to match your existing furniture.  We foresaw this problem of different heights on sofa chair arms and give the customer the option to specify the table height, also.

Below: A leg of a table is shown with four scrolls.