FireDrake Wrought Iron

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Model: 6 Place Dinning Table
Material Dimensions:  1" sq. stock, 1" x 3/16" flat stock
Table Base Dimensions: 64 3/8" L x " 32 5/8W x 30" T
Table Top Dimensions: 70" L x 38" W
 Weight:  200 lbs

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Above: Firedrake's 6 Place Dinning Table shown in flat black on patio without top.


Elegance is the word that best qualifies this base!

      The legs are 1" solid steel bar with three twists placed nicely down their length.  The scrolls form a triangle at the top of the table meeting in the center where your lap would be.  This triangle formation makes the table structurally sound and able to support any top.  The scrolls are hand welded to the 1" bars and then a steel collar is formed around each junction giving additional strength, but more importantly the appearance of how it would have been made in the 1800's!

We customize our products to satisfy every customer.  If the bottom scrolls on the legs are too ornate then please email us your special request.  We can make it just the way you want it!